A. Join Maxis

Maxis Fibre

Criteria for Foreigners to Sign Up for Maxis Home Fibre

  • I am a foreigner, is there any special condition for my subscription?

    For foreigner, we will collect a refundable deposit of RM500.00 at the point of sign up.

General Criteria to Sign Up for Maxis Home Fibre

  • What are the conditions to sign up Maxis Home Fibre?

    Anyone who is above 18 years old and residing within our coverage area can subscribe to Maxis Home Fibre. Head on to Maxis’ coverage checker to check if your address is covered.

How to Switch to Maxis Fibre

  • I wish to switch from another service provider to Maxis Home Fibre. What should I do?

    You can do this in 3 steps:-

    1. Check coverage at https://www.maxis.com.my/en/personal/internet/fiber-coverage.html;
    2. Walk-in to any of our Maxis Stores; or leave your details online for us to call you back.
    3. Subscribe to your preferred package and your Maxis Home Fibre Service will be installed within 14 working days.

    Please be mindful of the following:-

    1. If your existing service is still within contract period, you may require to clear early termination fee/ penalty by your existing service provider.

    To ensure your have uninterrupted internet service at home, do not terminate your existing service before Maxis Home Fibre installation is completed.

Maxis Postpaid

How to Switch My Mobile to Maxis

  • What is the procedure for switching my number to Maxis?

    It is simple:-

    Step 1: Sign up with Maxis and specify that you would like to switch your mobile number to Maxis. Upon a successful registration, you will be given a SIM while waiting for your mobile number to be released by your existing service provider;
    Step 2: Reply all SMS confirmation by your existing service provider within the specified time; and
    Step 3: Insert your Maxis SIM into your phone once your number is successfully switched over.

    Tips for smooth switching process:-

    1. Your personal details register with us are matching with your details with existing service provider.
    2. You have terminated all your contracts with your existing service provider.
    3. Paid all your overdue or outstanding amount with your existing service provider.
    4. Not blacklisted by any telco service provider.

    Reply any SMS confirmation by your existing service provider within the specified time.

Join Maxis as New Customer

  • I am not a Maxis customer and I would like to sign up a new mobile postpaid line

    The requirement to sign up as Maxis customer is 18 years and above and meet our credit requirements including not blacklisted by any local telco service providers.

    Advance payment will be applicable and the amount is depending on your selected rate plan. For foreigner deposit is applicable.

    To sign up, you may walk-in to any of our Maxis Stores; or leave your details online for us to call you back.

Required Documents for Joining Maxis

  • What is the mandatory document's required during the sign up for Maxis postpaid account?

    Document requirement to sign up for Maxis postpaid:-

    • Malaysian –  MyKad (or MyTentera) by JPN.
    • Permanent Resident – MyPR issued by JPN.
    • Foreigner – Passport.

B. Unlimited Internet with Maxis Postpaid & Fibre

Maxis Unlimited Postpaid & Fibre

  • How much data allocated for my Maxis Unlimited Postpaid & Fibre plan?

    Maxis Unlimited Postpaid & Fibre offers unlimited data on mobile and fibre. To ensure better experience for all users, excessive and abusive data usage is subjected to Fair Usage Policy.

    If the combined mobile data usage of your principal line, your shared lines and your Maxis 4G Backup exceed 300GB in a month, Maxis may at its absolute discretion to limit the speed of video streaming & regular browsing.

    To know more about the Fair Usage Policy (FUP) for all services, click here.

    For more details on Maxis plans, click here.

  • What is included in Maxis Fibre plans for Maxis Unlimited Postpaid & Fibre subscribers?

    • Unlimited internet quota for Home Broadband with a FREE Wireless Router
    • Optional: 4G backup USB Dongle worth RM400 with 4G SIM card to be used as only backup when your home fibre is having service interruption

    For Maxis Fibre 500Mbps & 800Mbps Plans, you can enjoy

    1) FREE mesh WiFi (2 units) to enhance your home WiFi coverage. For more info, click here.

    2) Option to install on Sunday or rest day installation (worth RM150) without additional charge.

    Call via VOIP is included:

    • For 30Mbps, choice to add on unlimited local calls at RM10/ month or charge based on usage; standard rates for local, international and special numbers apply.
    • For 100Mbps & above – Unlimited local calls & charges based on usage for international and special numbers apply.

    Free DECT phone is provided for new customers. Existing customers may use the home phone that was provided with their current Maxis Fibre plan, or plug in their own telephone.

  • What’s new with Maxis Unlimited Postpaid & Fibre and why should I be interested?

    The new Maxis Unlimited Postpaid & Fibre allows you to enjoy a list of benefits for you and your family when you combine ANY Maxis Postpaid (RM98 and above) and ANY Maxis Fibre plan (RM89 and above).

    Benefits that you and your whole family get to enjoy:

    • Unlimited Mobile Data for up to 5 lines – Your principal line and all your Share Lines tied to your principal line will enjoy unlimited mobile data.
    • Uninterrupted Home Fibre Internet – Your Home Fibre now comes with a 4G Backup that will automatically turns on whenever your Home Fibre is interrupted.

    LATEST mobile phones and home connected devices at RM0 upfront payment and pay for your devices over 24 monthly payments at 0% interest. Terms and conditions apply.

C. Maxis Device Plan

Buying a Phone

  • What are the options to get a phone from Maxis?

    1. Normal Device Contract:
      • Pay for a lower device price from recommended retail price.
      • Sign up for a device contract with your selected rateplan.
    2. Zerolution:
      1. Pay your phone on installment basis with zero upfront payment.
      2. Zero interest rate and no card needed.
    • Zerolution 360:
      1. An all in one, zero worries phone membership.

    You can get a phone on any of the phone ownership programs from Maxis.

Maxis Zerolution

  • What is Zerolution?

    Maxis Zerolution is a smart device ownership program that allows you to purchase a device with RM0 upfront payment* and pay it over 24 months at 0% interest.

    This program is for Malaysians only. We allow principal lines on Maxis Postpaid plan and Maxis Postpaid Unlimited plans, and supplementary lines on Maxis Postpaid Share, Maxis Postpaid 18/28 Tablet and Maxis Postpaid 18 Watch to sign up for Zerolution.

    *subject to eligibility, advance payment may be applicable.

Maxis Zerolution 360

  • What’s new in Maxis Zerolution360?

    With the new Zerolution360, you will get to enjoy the same benefit of yearly upgrade, with following improvements.

    Maxis SafeDevice is now optional, so you will have the flexibility to choose only what you need.

    You also have the flexibility to own your device by paying your subscription till month 30. All existing Zerolution360 subscriber will automatically enjoy this option.

  • What is Maxis Zerolution360?

    Zerolution360 is a new zero worries phone membership program that allows you to fully enjoy the use of your smartphone with yearly upgrades and total device protection as an option.