Walk out with a brand new smartphone without paying a cent.


Don’t be tied down to your phone for 2 years. Upgrade to the latest smartphone every year.


Switch between postpaid plans at any time while on the program without paying any penalty fees.


Pay for your smartphone over monthly instalments without any credit cards, finance charges or interest.

How It Works


Select the phone on Zerolution

Pay for your phone over 24 months together with your phone bill.


New phone every year

Don’t want to wait for 24 months to get a new phone? Add a tiny fee to upgrade to a new phone as early as 12 months and your remaining 12 months payment will be waived.


Protect Your Phone

Choose to protect your phone from accidental damage and attended theft with just an additional RM15/month

Why Zerolution?


Maxis Zerolution allows you to own a brand new smartphone without paying a single cent upfront. Check the comparison table below to find out how it works compared to our regular phone plan?